Frequently asked questions

There are some 2o,ooo playing fields left in the UK, most of which are run by volunteers, and nearly all of which are struggling to survive due to lack of funding, advice, help and encouragement

Who can apply?

Only legally constituted not for profit organizations can apply. Individuals and profit making organizations are ineligible for funding.

Organisations must also be able to supply certain financial and governance information before an application is submitted including constitution document, latest audited bank accounts, latest bank balance, VAT status, insurance details.

We can accept applications from the following:

  • County Playing Field Associations
  • Voluntary sector sports clubs
  • Parish Councils / Town Councils
  • Registered charitable organizations
  • Unincorporated not for profit organizations
  • Industrial and Provident Societies
  • Local authorities

What are the funding priorities?

  • Increasing the number of people participating in sport across the country
  • Establishing voluntary playing field groups in parts of the country where none exist, particularly in the inner city areas.
  • Training leaders of local voluntary clubs and organisations who are managing the playing fields. The training will include helping these voluntary clubs to make high quality applications for funding from the state sector, such as the Lottery, and big sporting organisations such as the Football Foundation and Sport England.
  • Helping the volunteer groups to create partnerships with local branches of national sporting bodies (such as the FA), working to protect and make fuller use of existing playing fields.
  • Providing seed money to stimulate new investment in playing fields and contribute towards items such as drainage, levelling, returfing, ATPs, MUGAs, pavilions and floodlighting.
  • Providing matched funding to unlock grants from other bodies, such as Sport England, Football Foundation etc.

What items will you fund?

The Playing Fields Legacy Fund will fund:

  • Training for leaders of local groups and organisations connected to playing fields
  • Establishing voluntary playing field groups in parts of the country where none exist, particularly in inner city areas
  • Helping more voluntary groups to make high quality applications for funding that helps to protect or make greater use of local playing fields
  • Providing seed money to stimulate new investment in playing fields
  • Providing match funding to help unlock grants from other bodies in applications with a playing fields focus

What items will you NOT fund?

Unless exceptional circumstances prevail we will NOT fund the following items:

  • Help with the general running costs of an organisation.
  • Repeat or regular events, or repeat funding of projects previously funded by other grant bodies.
  • Retrospective funding – the PFLF does not fund projects that have already started.
  • Items which only benefit an individual, e.g. bursaries or kit and equipment that is not shared.
  • Projects intended primarily at private or personal gain.
  • More than £10,000 to the same organisation in any 12 month period.
  • Sports sessions which take place in school during curriculum time.
  • The erection of temporary buildings.
  • Sponsorship, endowments or loan repayments.
  • Projects that require planning permission that is not yet in place.
  • Projects that will not start within the next 12 months.
  • Projects that take place and incur costs before the date of the grant award letter

How do I submit an application?

All applications must be made on the Application Form which can be downloaded from the PFLF website.  Additional documentation can be submitted to support your application.  We would prefer to receive applications by email where possible.

How will my application be assessed?

The following assessment criteria will be used to prioritise applications that demonstrate:

  • Evidence of need
  • Partnership working
  • Sports participation increase/improvements
  • Long term sustainability
  • Value for money

What happens if my application is successful?

You will receive written notification of the award together with Conditions of Grant and will be asked to acknowledge receipt.  The funding award will subsequently be made and monitoring forms circulated.